Friday, August 7, 2009


My first project for first grade was to make a collage about me. I turned it in already, but here's one my mom made on the computer that has all the same pictures I put on mine, so you could all see what it looked like. (You can click on the picture if you want to see it bigger).

I love to play with coins. Coins, coins, coins. They are my life. I want to be a banker when I grow up so I can play with money all day.

I love water. Bath tubs, swimming pools, beaches, sprinklers, hoses, puddles, you name it, I love it.

I love to play lego Star Wars. (We don't get to play it anymore though, because it's teaching us how to fight). But I still love it. My mom found this picture of a lego Santa Claus with a light saber and I just love it.

I like to watch Blue's Clues, and I have a stuffed Blue that is getting all ragged from love (and the washing machine).

The poison dart frog is on my poster because my favorite color is blue. So my Mom googled "blue images" and this is my favorite one.

The next one is a picture of me at the pool with a net (swimming toy) over my head. It's silly and it looks freaky so I love it.

The picture of my family is on there because the teacher said I had to put it on there. I didn't want to. I do love them, don't get me wrong. But I didn't want them on my poster.

And I just love that pizza guy. He's on the collage to tell everyone that pizza is my favorite food.

Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Gliding and More

I have become a master worker, and most of the time I do an amazing job with my chores. My new favorite chore is something I like to call gliding. See, mom gives me a wet rag (which she rings out really good) and I use it to clean up the kitchen floor. But I re-wet it and ring out tons of water on the floor. Chandler helps with his rag. Then when there is enough water we slide all over the place. But we call it gliding. And we get really wet. Mom says it's okay, as long as we are getting up the dirty spots while we're at it.

This past month we've been doing my favorite thing at school: learning about money. How cool is it that part of my official homework is to go home and count money? I get to get out the big change jar. I count it, I stack it, I make patterns with it, I love it. I just have to be a banker some day. I am really good at counting it correctly, but I'm working on counting by 25, those quarters are still a little bit tricky. But I'm also learning how to read more and more, and even write. Kindergarten is just so cool. I keep getting green lights all the time, and that means I am behaving myself and doing a good job.

I've been doing pretty good at home, too. Now that my mom has a treasure box it helps me remember to make good choices. A while ago my mom took all my stuff away because I was being so naughty, but I have earned almost all of it back now. And now I have a big bed with a really cool bookshelf headboard, and I really like it so I try to keep my room really nice all the time now.

I like to play with my friends Henry and Michael, and I see them almost every day. I also like to go to the track and play with them in the sand pit while our moms do their laps. Although one day we were playing buried treasure with our shoes and I guess I buried one of my shoes way too good because we've never been able to find it since. My mom wasn't too happy about that.

I'm still a picky eater and I still love to play Lego Star Wars. I still give my mom a run for her money, but she says I'm getting better and better all the time.

Sunday, December 28, 2008

All About Me

This is Me:
My name is: Jacob
My age is: 5
My favorite color is: blue
My favorite food is: pizza
My favorite animal is: zebra
My favorite book is: Henry and Mudge
My favorite show is: Blue's Clues
My favorite movie is: Star Wars: The Clone Wars
My favorite thing to do is: Draw Pictures

I have: 3 brothers
I have: lots of books
I have: my own room
I have: fun at school
I have: a baby sister coming
I have: a candy cane
I have: this new blog

I play: the computer
I play: outside
I play: stories
I play: light sabers
I play: with my friends
I play: basketball at recess

I love: my 3 brothers
I love: candy canes
I love: flip flops
I love: the beach and all the sand
I love: sea shells

I want: an X-box
I want: my Daddy to come home
I want: a new house in Hawaii like Henry and Michael
I want: to always hold on to the rod
I want: to get baptized when I'm 8
I want: to see my Grandmas and Grandpas again

I can: run
I can: jump
I can: add numbers
I can: sort shapes
I can: do patterns
I can: ride a scooter
I can: skip and gallop
I can: sing songs